ammendonca <ammendonca> in GateInPortal

GTNPORTAL-2903: Fixed retrieval of Redirect Nodes for Node Mapping

GTNPORTAL-2903 Loading nodes on new redirect

GTNPORTAL-2879 Show alerts when saving and deleting redirects .. also added default name when adding condition and removed unneeded modals.xhtml

GTNPORTAL-2874 Removing Import/Export and Delete, plus renaming menu title from 'Redirects' to 'Sites'

Removing unneeded repository

Fix to Cancel after 'Add Redirect' not showing redirect summary

Several enhancements as stated in GTNPORTAL-2874. Update to non-SNAPSHOT Richfaces versions. Also a major design and CSS cleanup by gcardoso.

GTNPORTAL-2849 GateIn Redirect Admin UI

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