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Merge pull request #4 from vrockai/GTNPORTAL-2814

GTNPORTAL-2814 - Fixing several CSS/JS issues

Merge pull request #3 from vrockai/GTNPORTAL-2814

GTNPORTAL-2814 - responsive navigation portlet

GTNPORTAL-2357: add a new NumberRangeValidator to specify the range of valid numbers. Update the UIDashboardEditForm to use this new validator to display a helpful error message if the number of columns in the dashboard is out of range.

GTNPORTAL-2356: default numbers in the UIPortletForm to include 'px' if they are not already set. Add to the input box string that 'px' is expected.

JBEPP-1386: remove restriction on the length of a gadget/portlets description. This prevents problems when gadget/portlets are loaded into the server which already contain a description beyond the default limit.

GTNPORTAL-2347: the resource id is sometimes set as a request parameter by the portal (see ExoPortletInvocationContext). We need to also check this location to retrieve the resource id for a portlet invocation.

GTNPC-78: Change the way we handle resources so that we don't use ContentResponse.getContent which doesn't handle string encoding properly.

GTNWCI-32: update WCI version to fix NPE issue during shutdown of GateIn

GTNPORTAL-2323: fix 'breadcumbs' spelling mistake in the locales files.

GTNPORTAL-2267: add missing image for wsrp wss setup.

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GTNPORTAL-2267: initial reference guide documentation for ws-security support with wsrp.

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GTNPORTAL-2280: fix issue where default values for gadget preferences were not being used.

GTNPORTAL-2269: only allow initial URI login redirects to locations on the same server.

GTNPORTAL-2252: fix css issue where the height when editing personal information is too short and cuts off parts of the information in some browsers. Fix css issue where the table field is too short in some browsers and causes the icon to be placed on a new line when adding new users to a group.

GTNPORTAL-1980: add missing component PortletCategory UIGrid. If not defined, Chrome will assume a width of 0 which will not render properly.

GTNPORTAL-2230: handle error situation better. This should hopefully not cause anymore issues with other AJAX requests.

GTNPORTAL-2230: fix a problem which occurs if a ajax request is trying to update a component which no longer exists (which causes a cryptic error message and a page reload due to a timeout). Now the alert message will be more clear on the issue and recommend that a refresh may be in order (but does not automatically perform this refresh).

GTNPORTAL-2140: Also add scope level support to UIGroupNavigationPortlet through a portlet preferences, this will also be passed to the UINavigationNodeSelector.

GTNPORTAL-2140: add level support for UINavigatorNodeSelector. This is configured using a 'level' portlet preference on the portlet which uses this (in this case UIPortalNavigationPortlet) which passes this value along to its components.

GTNPORTAL-2153: need to consider the situation where there is no logged in user. In this case, we should return false when calling the isAdministrator method.

GTNPORTAL-2149: add missing EventConfig to UIUsetToolBarGroupPortlet. Fixes an NPE when an event is created for it.

JBEPP-1104: Check to make sure that an InitialURL value is not already set when using the ErrorLoginForm. This will prevent an issue where the user gets redirected to a 404 page instead of the InitialURL when they enter the wrong password on the ErrorLoginForm multiple times.

JBEPP-1104: revert patch until it can be fixed properly in the case where the login link is used.

GTNPORTAL-2147: update SSO documentation on how to use CAS with the latest changes.

GTNPORTAL-2126: Update LegacyRequestHandler to handle situations where the current user doesn't have permission to access the portal or the portal doesn't exist.

GTNPORTAL-2101: fix NPE when clicking the back button when creating a new navigation node.

GTNPORTAL-1935: update the UIPortletLifecycle to check if the windowstate or portletmode changes during a portletInvocation. If a change does occur, we need to broadcast the event with the new proper values.

GTNWSRP-219: Update the JBoss AS5 WSRP build to include the wsrp-producer configured for ws-security.

GTNWSRP-219: update the AS6 build so that it will work better with WSRP and ws-security. Needs a newer WSRP release for ws-security to fully function.

GTNPORTAL-1845: remove PortalLoginModule, the credentials are being added to the servlet session in the wci module now.