tanpd <> in GateInPortal

GTNPORTAL-857: Bad redirect when log in

GTNPORTAL-866: Show wrong in UI Trees in Edit Navigation when add/edit node(page) Remove 'delete portal' button with default portal in SiteManagement

GTNPORTAL-270: UserInfoPortlet doesn't change info after click save in UIAccountProfiles

GTNPORTAL-804: Only root can add gadgetAdd onkeypress for checkbox in private login

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GTNPORTAL-808: Adding new membership with same name than existing one does not trigger "already exists" warnings

GTNPORTAL-789: Translate somethings to Vietnamese

- GTNPORTAL-797: Can not add gadget to category in Applicaton REgistry - GTNPORTAL-579: Fix width for UIUpload in Linux base OS

- GTNPORTAL-439: In ApplicationRegistry, remove 'Copy to local gadget' button

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- GTNPORTAL-564: Can't delete group or memebershipType which was edited

- GTNPORTAL-516: Lose resource bundle in menu item of UserToolBarGroupPortlet when change language to Arabic

GTNPORTAL-739: BugJS: Error displaying when click on any portlet on switch view mode

GTNPORTAL-791: Action in webui based portlets does not work correctly after editing layout

- GTNPORTAL-786: Apply to save function of PageCreationWizard \n - Remove unnecessary PageCreateDescription

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- GTNPORTAL-135: Cannot use Enter key in UILoginForm on Safari or Chrome

- GTNPORTAL-786: Error after edit page

- GTNPORTAL-701:Re-commit to fix rendering of portal when editting

GTNPORTAL-701: Incorrect rendering if the going to the portal url while viewing some portal pages

GTNPORTAL-739: Bug JS when dragdrop pagebody

GTNPORTAL-715: implement enhancement permission for container and portlet

GTNPORTAL-715: implement enhancement permission for container and portlet

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GTNPORTAL-572: Still keep the change when click Abort button of Portal Composer

GTNPORTAL-612: Error when loading content of gadgets which added to dashboard

GTNPORTAL-602: Clean up code in UserPortalConfigService

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GTNPORTAL-541: Unremove addExtendJavascript code

GTNPORTAL-541: Change to avoid OutOfMemoryException

GTNPORTAL-541: Refactor ordering Javascript

GTNPORTAL-557: Don't reset value in select multi value component

GTNPORTAL-541: Implement priority of Javascripts

GTNPORTAL-561: Remove useless code in HTML

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GTNPORTAL-560: Create MultiValued filed