fabio massimo ercoli <> in HibernateOGM

OGM-1523 Update documentation to configure WildFly 14

OGM-1523 Use WildFly 14 default Hibernate Search and ORM

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OGM-1538 Put back reference to @OrderBy in the documentation

OGM-1538 Handle orderBy association metadata in CollectionLoader

OGM-1538 Add manyToMany orderBy association metadata

OGM-1538 Test manyToMany OrderBy qualifier

OGM-1538 Rename elementcollection test package

OGM-1541 Upgrade Jackson version aligned to the current WF version

OGM-786 Verify loading of a GridFS by query

OGM-1237 Document keep duplicates and preserve order

OGM-1237 Test keep duplicates in OneToMany and Embeddable list

OGM-1529 Enable TCK query with parameters test for Infinispan remote

Remove also local project test: there no reasons anymore to keep it

OGM-1528 Upgrade to Infinispan 9.4.0.Final

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OGM-1488 Review strategies for loading of enhanced classes

OGM-1425 Add table per class inheritance test

OGM-1425 Move single table test to new package

OGM-1518 Allow property resource doesn't exist

if the URL is the property default

OGM-1526 Upgrade to Infinispan 9.3.3

OGM-1525 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.10.4.Final

OGM-1522 Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.3.6.Final

Minor change on error messages. Byte Buddy updated to 1.8.17.

OGM-1458 Test querying on Byte type field

OGM-1458 Change mapping of byte type field to ProtoBuf int32

OGM-1518 Document HotRod client default properties

OGM-1517 Allow implicit activation of OGM over ORM

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OGM-1518 Test empty

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OGM-1519 Test mapping java.time to Infinispan embedded

OGM-1519 Test mapping java.time to Infinispan server

OGM-1519 Test mapping java.time to Neo4j

OGM-1519 Test mapping java.time to MongoDB

OGM-1516 Provide a default for configuration_resource_name

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