gurkerl83 <> in HibernateOGM

OGM-1573 Upgrade Neo4j from 3.4.10 to 3.4.11

IndexEntryConflictException replaces UniquePropertyValueValidationException

for Neo4j Embedded.

With upgrading the neo4j dependency version from 3.4.10 to 3.4.11, four unit-tests are failing.

To enable compatibility with neo4j 3.4.11 the class EmbeddedNeo4jDialects to be modified.

The exception has to get changed from "UniquePropertyValueValidation" to "IndexEntryConflict."

OGM-1572 Update Java Mongo Driver 3.9.1 => 3.11.2

In version 3.10 the JSON output of the library did change,


Adjust tests to correspond to the new JSON output format.

OGM-1567 Add build profile to support JDK >= 11

In JDK 9, some APIs got declared as deprecated, including javax.xml.bind.

From version 11 onwards, these APIs got removed from the JDK.

Utilization requires an explicit dependency declaration.