yoann rodière <> in HibernateOGM

OGM-1558 Upgrade to checkstyle 8.18

OGM-1558 Upgrade to maven-checkstyle-plugin 3.0.0

OGM-1372 Put the distribution files to upload into distribution/target/dir

We now choose which files will be uploaded to SourceForge as part of the

build by moving them to distribution/target/dist, which gives us greater

flexibility. Previously the paths to files to upload were hardcoded in

the release scripts.

OGM-1363 Remove internal classes (and only internal classes) from the javadoc

We used to exclude protected members, which may be part of the API,

for instance in abstract classes.

This changes the filters to include all members, including protected

ones, but only those that are not in a 'impl' package. The result is a

view of all classes and members that Hibernate OGM users should normally


OGM-1362 Skip the javadoc build where it does not make sense

In order to keep CI builds as fast as possible.

OGM-1362 Generate the individual javadocs if doc profile is used

OGM-1362 Move the javadoc generation configuration to the parent pom

OGM-1360 Avoid duplicate checkstyle executions during the Travis build

OGM-1359 Clarify the output of the Travis build

1. If checkstyle fails, we don't want Travis to tell us the build

"errored": it just failed. Thus the checkstyle check should be in the

"script" section, not in the "install" section.

2. Running multiple independent script commands leads to an unclear

output, because the commands are executed regardless of the results of

the previous one. This means you can end up with build logs ending with

SUCCESS, while the build itself is marked as failed since one of the

commands failed.

To work around the issue, I made sure commands are executed

conditionally, only if the previous one succeeded.

3. When checkstyle failed, it used to fail in the initial, no-log

build, and then we didn't have the checkstyle logs to tell us why it

failed. By disabling checkstyle in this initial build we can make the

build fail a little bit later, when the logs are enabled.

OGM-1360 Move common build options to a variable in the Travis build

OGM-1360 Avoid unnecessary cache updates in the Travis build