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ISPN-12351 ImmutableListCopy makes too many copies

* Make no-argument constructor create a valid instance

* Avoid copying the elements array when possible

* Use Arrays methods for copying

* Mark fields final

* Remove unnecessary type parameters and casts

ISPN-12221 Add zero-capacity-node support for Replicated caches

* Extend ZeroCapacityNodeTest to cover replicated

and scattered caches

* Add a list of members without state and a capacity

factors map to ReplicatedConsistentHash

* Ignore nodes with zero capacity when computing backups

* Change [Sync]ReplicatedConsistentHashFactory.

updateMembers() no not assign new members as backups

ISPN-6901 ConsistentHashV2IntegrationTest.testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill

Wait for number of servers in topology instead of topology id

ISPN-12322 GetAllCommandNodeCrashTest.test random failures

* Ignore StateTransferCancelCommand

* Remove the StateTransferLock mock, since it wasn't clear

what command was supposed to trigger it

* Explicitly assert that the command is retried only once

ISPN-12321 Leaked thread: mysql-cj-abandoned-connection-cleanup

Ignore the thread.

We could stop it explicitly at the end of the test suite,

but it would add an explicit mysql dependency.

ISPN-12297 Upgrade to Testcontainers 1.15.0-rc1

The new version fixes most of the tc-okhttp-stream thread leaks.

Not all of them, so the workaround in ContainerInfinispanServerDriver

has to stay (with a new pattern).

It also fixes the startup of the mysql container on my machine.

ISPN-12317 WildFly modules integration tests do not start

* Disable the module path in the Surefire and Failsafe plugins

* Move AbstractHotRodClientIT to a different package,

so it doesn't matter if the module path is enabled or not

ISPN-12314 lsof check is too expensive

* Run lsof a single time, fail the build if it does not exist

* Remove the ps and jps checks

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ISPN-12325 Hot Rod server instances in tests use too much memory

  1. … 51 more files in changeset.
ISPN-12284 InfinispanRuleBasicTest thread leak

* Try to stop the servers even if they failed to start

* Use the `tcp` stack in server/testdriver/junit4

ISPN-12273 Potential race condition during wiring of EncoderCache

Fix the race condition in factory auto-instantiation

by allowing all threads that see an EMPTY component wrapper

to create the instance (regardless of whether they registered

the component wrapper or not).

ISPN-12273 Potential race condition during wiring of EncoderCache

Fix the race condition in factory auto-instantiation

by allowing all threads that see an EMPTY component wrapper

to create the instance (regardless of whether they registered

the component wrapper or not).

ISPN-12274 Component annotation processor injection method single line

Put each injection method argument on a separate line.

ISPN-12263 RemoteCacheMetricBinderTest fails

* Make InfinispanServerExtension implement BeforeEachCallback

and AfterEachCallback

* Add custom server configuration to remove security

* Remove InfinispanCacheMetricBinderTest.cleanCache()

* Enable statistics in the RemoteCacheManager

* Create the mycache cache

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ISPN-12256 InfinispanServerExtensionContainerTest fails to start

* Make InfinispanServerExtensionContainerTest use custom configuration

* Add test-tcp and test-udp stacks to custom configuration

* Remove surefire <argLine> element and use args from parent POM

* Define infinispan.cluster.stack=test-tcp in all testdriver modules

ISPN-12257 RemoteSpringSessionTest.testCreatingSessionWhenUsingREST

Use both the "allowlist" and the "whitelist" properties in


ISPN-12255 spring-boot-starter tests do not run

Make the Spring Boot tests use log4j2

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ISPN-6901 ConsistentHashV2IntegrationTest.testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill fails

Re-enable test

ISPN-12254 NullPointerException in CheckAddressTask

ISPN-12251 HotRodClientJmxTest.testRemoteCacheManagerMBean fails on Java 14

* Make RemoteCacheManager.getServers return the unresolved


* Make TopologyInfo use InetSocketAddress so we can extract

the host name and port number

* Keep SocketAddress in FailoverRequestBalancingStrategy

for source compatibility

ISPN-11230 Deprecate client attributes key/valueSizeEstimate

ISPN-12243 Upgrade to Surefire 3.0.0-M5

Configure Surefire to communicate with the fork JVM using TCP

ISPN-11005 Set server name in Hot Rod client tests

ISPN-12231 Cache fails to start with IllegalStateException

Register the LocalCacheStatus in orderOnCache()

ISPN-12179 Allow cache to start in degraded mode

ISPN-7166 WriteSkewConsistencyTest random failures

Fix compilation error

ISPN-12148 Hibernate-cache NullPointerException in CacheMgmtInterceptor

* Skip statistics update if the command failed

and it had flag FAIL_SILENTLY

* Throw exception on lock timeout for operations with flag

ZERO_LOCK_ACQUISITION_TIMEOUT, do not throw exception


* Translate meta-param LockingMode.TRY_LOCK to flags


* Explicitly use flag FAIL_SILENTLY for


ISPN-12147 NonStrictAccessDelegate ignores cache exceptions

ISPN-12129 InfinispanRegionFactoryTestCase.testBuildDiffCacheNameTimestampsRegion(v53) failure

TransactionConfiguration.transactionMode() should never return null

Builder.create() should not modify attribute values

ISPN-11604 CountMarshallingPojo Breaks with parallel tests