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ISPN-12178 Remove unused fields and parameters

ISPN-12178 Query broadcast blocks on the non-blocking executor

Ignore Wildfly search tests for now

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ISPN-11997 Remove jackson databind

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ISPN-11997 Expose internal mJson to other packages

* Downgrade to version 1.4.x to fix memory leak

* Remove forked JsonCustomFactory

* Avoid blindly serializing unknown classes

ISPN-12099 REST server prevents connection reuse for some resources

ISPN-12079 Missing handlers in the HTTP/2 pipeline

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ISPN-12054 Remove deprecate GET methods

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ISPN-12075 Remove alternative http clients from the testsuite

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ISPN-12067 HTTP/2 framing error for invalid requests

ISPN-12067 Reproducer

ISPN-12064 Reproducer

ISPN-12064 REST server returns 403 (forbidden) for same origin request

ISPN-12053 Remove jetty-client from the REST testsuite

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ISPN-12002 Rolling Upgrades location aware data retrieving

ISPN-12002 RemoteCacheImpl retrieveEntries with explicit segments is not server aware

Add missing upgrading info

Fix ClusteredDistCacheTest

This test uses "null" as storageType since it does not override the

factory from the parent. Before the fix on ISPN-11980, this was

assumed to be a protostream cache, but now it is correctly assumed

as an application/x-java-object and thus the key is not byte[] anymore,

requiring a transformer

Reword WARN for absence of encoding

Only log a WARN if the key/value media differ from the global setting

ISPN-11987 Authorization header blocked by CORS

ISPN-11795 Entity mapping deprecations

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ISPN-11964 WARN about unknown cache encoding

* Also deprecate MediaType.APPLICATION_UNKNOWN

Fix error reporting in Transcoders

Fix javadoc issues

Fix random failures on REST testQueryStats()

ISPN-11971 Add a JVM property to enable all CORS permissions

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ISPN-11967 Support POST for actions with side effects in the REST API

ISPN-11943 Single MediaType ignored in JSON config

ISPN-11909 Better error reporting when querying a cache with non-queryable storage

* log a WARN when the cache has no MediaType detected

* throw an error if the detected Media Type is not queryable