aaron ogburn <> in WildFly

[WFLY-11100] AJP can't redirect to management console because of unresolved address

[WFLY-6817] JASPICSecureResponseHandler.handleRequest throws NullPointerException when redirecting for CONFIDENTIAL transport guarantee

[WFLY-5962] check all dependencies for ServletContainerInitializers

[WFLY-5498] don't hold controller lock during transaction probe

[EAP6-121] keep rotating GC log changes in synch

[EAP6-121] synch up with GC bzs

[EAP6-121] enable the additional gc.log CollectFiles

[EAP6-121] Add EAP6-121 upstream but disabled

[WFLY-2336] reorganized fix

[WFLY-2336] The core size needs to be adjustined in line with the max size to avoid IllegalArgumentExceptions when modifying max-threads on an unbounded, queueless executor