baranowb <> in WildFly

[WFLY-12516] - set identities and roles only in case of new subjectinfo

[WFLY-12899] Set arbitrary property in surefire env rather depend on env.USER - or similar

[WFLY-12516] - minor fix to test

[WFLY-12903] - EJBComponent.checkCallerSecurityIdentityRole check for null roles

[WFLY-12516] - make fix sensitive to domain name

[WFLY-12516] - fix auth context propagation

[JBEAP-16664][WFLY-10808] - test local-receiver-pass-by-value(or said issues)

[WFLY-11627] add some EE default bindings explanation

[WFLY-9450] NPE on jaxrs subsystem of FAILED deployment

[WFLY-11361] - fix LookupTest to work with secmgr

[WFLY-11501] - fix DynamicJaspiTestCase with secmgr

[WFLY-11364] fix JpaDsRestartTestCase with secmgr

[WFLY-10247] - undefine connectors attribute of broadcast-group throws IllegalArgumentException

[WFLY-10808] - Default Value of local-receiver-pass-by-value in jboss-ejb-client Descriptor is Not Respected

[WFLY-9657] NullPointerException when trying to get all job executions

[WFLY-10333] - fix appclient boot service deps and test case

[WFLY-9844] add local transport provider

[WFLY-9287] Do service work in a RUNTIME step, only on a normal server

[WFLY-2217] - change test port value, interface creation

[WFLY-7027] - add dep on javax.api to common-beans'

[BZ-1267173] - Intermittent failures in PooledEJBLifecycleTestCase

[WFLY-2217] - enable reload tests, disabled due to reloading op

[SECURITY-896/901] Test if user name is properly parsed wrt userNameBeginString and userNameEndString

[BZ-1147352] test cases

[WFLY-4198] improve perf on use of

[BZ-1190298] Test for said BZ.

[BZ-1188420] Test for this BZ.

[WFLY-4198] - add null checks for MDC.contextMap and StoredLogDiagnosticContext

WFLY-4229 Make http status return while deploying configurable