carlo de wolf <> in WildFly

WFLY-10815: Upgrade to snakeyaml 1.18

JBEAP-8573: remove all ignores and assumes, OpenJDK works fine now

WFLY-4305: fix broken script

WFLY-4356: Properly execute and check the ulimit commands

WFLY-2867: Reduce usage of Apache DS components

BZ-1061609: Expose underlying cause during InitialContextFactory instantiation

WFLY-1521: Fix deployment tear downs

WFLY-1841: upgrade to aesh 0.33.7

WFLY-1497: re-enable the handler in disabledLoggerTest

AS7-4464: entity beans? nope doesn't ring a bell

AS7-6567: countdown the latch on any throwable

AS7-4464: made methods into a proper map

AS7-4464: add method invocation metrics

EJB_SPEC-60: create a proper test case

EJB_SPEC-60: make the TelnetResourceAdapter spec compliant

Minor change to improve test failure analysis

EJB_SPEC-60: pass a proxy containing all bean methods to the RA

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AS7-2281: cleanup populating the model

AS7-2281: do not process enable-statistics in app client

AS7-2281: add ejb3 1.3 schema parser

AS7-3652: minor cleanup

AS7-2281: allow configuration of invocation statistics gathering

AS7-2281: make sure all management tests run in full mode

AS7-2281: added invocation metrics

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Delete redundant SimpleListAttributeDefinition

Move ObjectTypeAttributeDefinition and ObjectListAttributeDefinition to controller

Bypass maven version resolution of hibernate-core

Fix NPEs when running without a pool

AS7-3985: expose the pool name being used

Make the dependency on dom4j optional