david m. lloyd <> in WildFly

Add checkstyle auditing. This is phase one. Phase two will cause the build to fail if there is a violation!

Revert "Some minor fixes"

This reverts commit 68c8bf4a3c57f3ec3c40bdb5613d981f620ea427.

Revert "JBAS-8385: Domain Console logging part 1: Process Manager"

This reverts commit 8b121ac3a0d9d023561e34b89f2dca60fdc60618.

Upgrade LogManager to 1.2.0.CR7

Some minor fixes

JBAS-8385: Domain Console logging part 1: Process Manager

Skip tests pending resolution of JBAS-8339

Whitespace, nothing to see here

And forgotten export

Remove wrong exclude

SLF4J -> two modules

Update log manager and modules to allow trace debugging

Fixed versions of modules, logmanager

Fix dependencies; add river marshalling impl

Add dep on tools.jar.... for now

JBAS-8191 - Transactions part 4

JBAS-8191 - Transactions part 3

JBAS-8191 - Transactions part 2

JBAS-8191 - Transactions part 1

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Update to JBoss Modules 1.0.0.Beta2

Fix common core inclusion

Changes to support modules Beta2

Move to jboss-threads 2.0.0.CR5

Missing "break"

Merge branch 'master' of

Update Remoting POM

Upgrade to JBMAR 1.3.0.CR4

Fix incorrect dependency on example service

POM fixes: LogManager update, exclusions

Merge branch 'master' of