emanuel muckenhuber <> in WildFly

update jar invalidation utils

update jar invalidation utils

[WFLY-3402] ignore the actual field name

[WFLY-3362] make sure operations get cancelled on channel close

[WFLY-3360] don't send null error messages

[WFLY-3359] don't copy the streams into memory

[WFLY-3237] don't set the push to servers flag for unchanged operations

[WFLY-3233] disable .jar invalidation for patching

[WFLY-405] reuse the identity from the rollback target for the next patch

fix --reset-configuration help text

[WFLY-3078] also marshal directory-grouping if no servers are configured

[WFLY-3008] fix rbac domain test configurations

[WFLY-3000] set application/json as content-type

[WFLY-3008] missing system property resolution for interface criteria

[WFLY-3069] call remove at the correct resource

skip empty server-config

[WFLY-405] process the patchable targets validation as child of the patch.xml

[WFLY-2964] missing i18n

[WFLY-3012] record proper rollback action

[WFLY-3012] don't report a conflict for empty directories

[WFLY-2942] make error message more clear

[WFLY-2913] generic http content upload handler

[WFLY-536] differentiate between reload and restart required when dealing with out of sync servers

[WFLY-428] cleanup deployment operation stream cleaning

remove unused patch-gen module

[WFLY-2791] remove jboss-marshalling dependency

[WFLY-2723] reads of the serverInventory are not guarded by the serverInventoryLock

[WFLY-2805] use jboss-cli-client.jar as dependency for the jconsole scripts

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[WFLY-405] validate history before applying or rolling back a patch

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[WFLY-2558] fix patching test assertion