flavia rainone <> in WildFly

[WFLY-12439] Update JspELTestCase to verify that now expressions can be evaluated in the jsp with servlet api version 3.0

[WFLY-12438] Upgrade org.jboss.spec.javax.websockets to 2.0.0.CR1

[WFLY-12437] Upgrade org.jboss.spec.javax.servlet.jboss-servlet-api_4.0_spec to 2.0.0.CR2

[WFLY-12321] At InfinispanBeanManager, if node is singleton schedule a single task for eviction and another for bean expiration and never cancel that task; instead, update the expiration of the bean so it can be checked by the task if the bean has actually expired

At several clustering infinispan classes, remove the G group identfier type @param comment

[WFLY-12270] Upgrade wildfly-http-client version to 1.0.16.Final

[WFLY-11759] At undertow-7.1-transformres.xml, remove commented line that was added by mistake

[WFLY-11759] Revert UndertowTransformersTestCase workaround

KernelServicesBuilder.excludeResourceFromParent API is no longer needed, the test runs okay

[WFLY-12120] Upgrade websockets-api 1.1 to 1.1.4.Final

[WFLY-12090] At TransactionSubsystemAdd, make RemoteTransactionServiceService ACTIVE, when adding the optional capability dependency of TRANSACTION_CAPABILITY on REMOTING_ENDPOINT_CAPABILITY_NAME, to guarantee that remoting transaction service is UP if a XA Recovery of remote SubordinateXAResources has to be performed

[WFLY-11965] Upgrade WildFly HTTP Client to 1.0.15.Final

[WFLY-11710] Prevent NPE at MetricsRegistrationService.registerMetrics caused by doStart not executed

DeploymentMetricService depends on MetricsRegistractionService but MetricsRegistrationService notifies start complete before doStart is actually completed, causing a race condition; NPE only occurs if doStart has not finished when DeploymentMetricService starts.

[WFLY-11622] Update documentation for multiple delivery groups in MDBs

[WFLY-11622] Update documentation for multiple delivery groups in MDBs

[WFLY-11622] Implement multiple delivery groups feature for MDBs

[WFLY-11622] Implement multiple delivery groups feature for MDBs

[WFLY-11615] Upgrade jboss-ejb-client-legacy to 3.0.3.Final

[WFLY-11615] Upgrade jboss-ejb-client-legacy to 3.0.3.Final

[WFLY-11262] At EJBClientDescriptorMetaDataProcessor, only set LocalTransportProvider to be BY_REFERENCE if passByValue is defined as false

Previously, if passByValue were null, the transport provider would be mistakenly set to BY_REFERENCE

[WFLY-10434] Update EE_SETUP EJB interceptor priority making sure that CachedConnectionManager setup action is invoked inside the transaction context

[WFLY-10174] Upgrade wildfly-transaction-client to 1.1.2.Final.

Also: update tests that build a JBossLocalTransactionProvider to make them compatible with the new requirement of a non-null XAResourceRecoveryRegistry in the JBossLocalTransactionProvider.Builder

[WFLY-10201] Add XAResourceRecoveryRegistry injection to LocalTransactionContextService for in doubt transaction recovery of failed-to-prepare remote resources