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JBEE-121 Exclude jboss-jsp-api_2.2_spec from being pulled in from undertow

WFLY-308 If a bean exposes both @WebService and @LocalBean view, make sure the EJB security metadata service is installed just once

WFLY-308 Fix the service name for the EJB security metadata service

Make the ServerDeplyoemntRepository-temp-threads daemon

Change the default host url to use http-remoting protocol

WFLY-1786 Return the correct http and https ports taking into account the port-offset

Minor fix to the log message in naming subsystem

WFLY-308 Add a MSC service which gives access to EJB security metadata of methods on EJB views, so that the metadata can be used by other components like WS

Revert "WFLY-2028 : Fixing bug by extracting exploded WAR in zipped EAR."

This reverts commit 6b3a6f842cacf75592b201aae5e8a3f1381c66b6.

[WFLY-2033] fix CMT NotSupported MDB

* fix handling tx attributes of MDB

* check that EJBContext.getUserTransaction() is allowed before calling

the component

* add test

WFLY-2016 Fix security context propagation for EJB asychronous invocations

WFLY-1547 Use the new TempFileProvider#create() VFS API which allows cleaning up existing content in temp dir

JBQA-7126 Remove (resolved via merge conflict)

Fix a thread safety issue in TimerServiceImpl

Fix getEndpointClass() method implementation on message endpoint factory for MDBs

WFLY-1924 Make sure the connection creation options specified by a user for a remote outbound connection are taken into account when a default for the same option exists

WFLY-1914 Fix application client container startup problem

WFLY-1906 AS7-4547 Remove the -XX:+TieredCompilation JVM option from the standalone.bat

Obtain a lock while iterating over the synchronized set

WFLY-1690 Remove System.out.println() which was unintentionally left around

Revert "WFLY-223 added support for running wildfly as windows service."

Related discussion

This reverts commit a16225a96e1c580780b18436dd0e9ccbaa9ac806.

Don't use a constant string for lock

Fix JPA integration memory/classloader leak - Don't store references to a deployment unit beyond its scope

WFLY-1658 Fix handling of metadata on EJB methods which accept arrays as parameters

WFLY-822 Make sure that the property editors are available for the .sar deployment

WFLY-822 Make sure the deployment's classloader is set as TCCL during the lifecycle of a MBean instance

WFLY-924 Only log a summarized WARN message when an optional component installation fails. Log the cause at DEBUG level

WFLY-1601 Don't lose the original parsing exception when throwing the DeploymentUnitProcessingException

Fix the enableTrace XSLT used to enable trace level loggin in testsuite

Next is 8.0.0.Alpha3 (this time for real) :)

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