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[JBAS-8258] - Update the local domain controller to start in the server manager process

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[[JBAS-8258] - Send the host from the SM to the DC on register

[JBAS-8258] - Add support for connecting to a remote domain controller

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[JBAS-8258] - Make sure the server manager gets its copy of the domain from the domain controller

[JBAS-8258] - Use better attribute names for the local DC interface/port

[JBAS-8258] - Enable the SM<->DC communication infrastructure.

[JBAS-8258] - Initial work on the domain controller boot process

Some cleanup

Start server in two service batches. One for subsystems and one for deployments

[JBAS-8338] - Introduce basic support for shutting down a partially failed deployment

XML formatting

Update the remoting subsystem to activate cleanly. Still work to be done to get it to actually work.

Merge branch 'master' of git://

Update to modules beat4

[JBAS-8365] - Update the transactions subsystem to use socket binding configs

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Don't use the snapshot dependency

Hack to make sure the server start message shows even with on-demand services

[JBAS-8323] - Only return proxy if there are interceptors

Small fix (big problem)

merge upstream

Merge master

[JBAS-8323] - Just using javassit for now

[JBAS-8323] - Add module for javassist

[JBAS-8323] - Return proxy for managed bean container

[JBAS-8323] - Add basic detection for duplicate namespace entries

[JBAS-8323] - Initial interceptor support

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[JBAS-8323] - Update to support jar based deployment and cleanup the management of module context names

1. Add support for class level @Resource annotations. 2. More cleanup. What a messgit diff --cached | mate

Remove all reference to jnpserver

[JBAS-8323] Remove test reference to jnp