kabir <> in WildFly

[EAP6-17] Forward port changes needed to get tests passing

[EAP6-17] Make cmr resource jndi-name read-only and take its value from the address No change in datasources jdbc driver since model version 2.0.0

Revert "Merge pull request #5792 from fbogyai/JBQA-8003-HTTPSManagementInterfaces-wildfly"

This reverts commit ab3952ca54b7890e3aa5d41b8c4355ce321a792d, reversing

changes made to be3a13e67a7fda67e8e48633b2345ddb7441f224.

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[WFLY-2231] Some attributes are in fact nillable in the old model

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2232][WFLY-1995][WFLY-2855] Fix up the ee transformers tests to properly test for the annotation-property-replacement

[WFLY-2747][WFLY-2754] Fix bug overriding app name for product

[WFLY-2231] Make DS add with enabled=true a composite with the add and :enable

[WFLY-2782] JMXConnector should be closed to avoid leaking endpoints in testsuite

[WFLY-2746] Workaround, configure auditlog syslog facility using system property

[WFLY-2747][WFLY-2754] Make audit log facility and appName configurable in the management API

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Close the JMXConnector in the JMX tests to avoid leaking endpoints & threads

Upgrade byteman to 2.1.4 (latest)

[WFLY-2696] Fix and test use of audit log to syslog in domain mode

Exclude some plugins from the Eclipse build

[WFLY-2218] Use the new varargs variety of addMavenResourceURL in places that could use it

[WFLY-2218] Add ability to not list runtime resources and attributes in CompareModelVersionsUtil

[WFLY-2218] Make LegacyKernelServicesInitializer.addMavenResourceURL() take a varargs of maven gavs

[WFLY-2588] Handle additional quotes in system properties correctly

Use return value of ModelFixer when comparing reverse controller model

[WFLY-2530] Add the operation header if removed by the transformer

[WFLY-2218] Make the conditional ignore check for transformers tests against old EAP versions less intrusive

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Fix EeSubsystemTestCase EAP tests for community users

[WFLY-2415] Make legacy xml use statistics=true, which is the actual legacy behaviour

[WFLY-2415] Make legacy xml use statistics=true, which is the actual legacy behaviour

[WFLY-2415] add statistics='true' to old domain configurations

[WFLY-2476] Security transformer improvements and better test coverage

[WFLY-2476] Improve security subsystem test coverage

[WFLY-2475] Fix marshalling of identity-trust's module

[WFLY-2474] Fix name and marshalling of acl's module + add transformers

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2232] Test EE subsystem against all previous AS and EAP versions