maeste <> in WildFly

WFLY-13346 Upgrade IronJacamar from 1.4.20.Final to 1.4.22.Final

WFLY-12867 Upgrade IronJacamar from 1.4.19.Final to 1.4.20.Final

WFLY-12742 Upgrade IronJacamar from 1.4.18.Final to 1.4.19.Final

Upgrade jboss-connector-api_1.7_spec to 2.0.0.Final

WFLY-12434 Upgrade jboss-jakarta-connector-api_spec to 2.0.0.Final

WFLY-12344 SecurityManager push/pull is expensive also for datasources

WFLY-12318 removing unuseful push/pull in SecurityManager

Revert "[WFLY-11352] WildFly registers multiple distinct drivers for current MySQL driver jar"

This reverts commit 90bb406c

WFLY-11798 ironjacamar 1.4.15 Final

WFLY-11788 revert ironjacamar to 1.4.12

WFLY-11762 Upgrade to ironjacamar 1.4.14 Final

WFLY-11108 short-running-threads requirement should be verified when distributed workmanager is required. dwm service start ondemand

WFLY-11104 JCA distributed work manager doesn't allow to add more than one

WFLY-10675 Upgrade to ironjacamar 1.4.11 Final

[WFLY-9978] resource adapter sometimes fails to start when it uses legacy security-domain

[WFLY-10181] Deadlock for threads executing org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.xa.XAManagedConnectionFactory.isEqual - WildFly Part

WFLY-10211 Upgrade Ironjacamar from 1.4.8 to 1.4.9

WFLY-9218 IronJacamar to 1.4.6 from 1.4.5

WFLY-8811 IronJacamar to 1.4.5 from 1.4.4

WFLY-8705 Watermark policy does not distribute work (distributed workmanager)

WFLY-8658 Setting policy option on default policy setting for DWM does not persist it

[WFLY-8559] adding @Ignore to DWM test because of windows' failures. Probably test environment setup needs a review

[WFLY-8559] Added DWM test with multiple cases - fixing tests

JBEAP-9457 BootstrapContext wasn't found when reloading server with distributed workmanager

JBEAP-9422 Distributed workmanager does not execute work on other nodes than where the work was scheduled JBEAP-10418 IronJacamar to 1.4.4 from 1.4.3

WFLY-8483 Upgrade IronJacamar to 1.4.3 from 1.4.2

WFLY-8259 CLI Batch mode doesn't do roll back correctly during adding of distributed-workmanager of JCA

WFLY-8204 work-manager and distributed-workmanager need an Elytron-enabled flag

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WFLY-8212 Datasources subsystem - minor documentation enhancement in scheme file

WFLY-8110 Submitting work with distributed workmanager fails with null securityIntegration