ochaloup <> in WildFly

[WFLY-8873] enhancement of warning message when default txn node id is configured

[WFLY-8837] consider other format of ipv6 address than just ::1 for xts coordinator

[WFLY-8682] component upgrade of jboss transaction spi to 7.6.0.Final

[WFLY-8598] Upgrading Narayana to 5.5.24.Final

[WFLY-8561] fixing test for @RunAs functionality which was ported from eap5 testsuite (JBPAPP-7897)

[WFLY-8459] tests for TransactionAttribute inheritance

when no interface view is used. TCK uses interface views for these tests

thus it was not caught before.

[WFLY-8370] change of transaction timeout in model to be propagated to WFTC

Tests added here also test JBEAP-9182 where WFTC didn't use txn timeout setting at all

before the fix was applied.

[WFLY-8275] adding JBossContextXATerminator to integrate wfly client with JCA and Txn subsystems

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
WFLY-8346 Upgrade JBoss Transaction SPI to 7.5.2.Final

[WFLY-8336] Upgrade Narayana to 5.5.5.Final

[WFLY-8328] do privileged section for ejb inflow endpoint creation

[WFLY-8314] adding elytron subsystem to examples standalone xmls

standalone-*.xml under examples directory which uses undertow subsystem

starts with warning of http-invoker can't be started without elytron

http subsystem uses capabilities of elytron without it

config file causes the warnings being emitted at start

[JBTM-2858] adding JAXRS filter to import transaction client global txn

[WFLY-8348] Removing ambiguousness enlist method from test tx util class

[WFLY-7888] fix for TxTestUtil works with security manager

Main point was not using CDI.current() as for such thing security

manager would need very special settings, see

There is an additional fix for using adjust for MDB timeout tests as was changed by WFLY-8109.

There was an issue in test which does not wait long enough to receive a


[JBTM-2852][WFTC-13] adding implementation of usert transaction operations provider to handle transaction client LocalUserTransaction

[WFLY-7195] Test of transaction propagation for ejb async call

[JBJCA-1173] Adding an integration test of JCA tracer functionality works when enabled

[WFLY-6979] Regular expressions of interceptor binding in bean target name - integration tests added

[WFLY-7205] Adding newpackage with utility classes for transactions under shared module of testsuite

[WFLY-7205][refactoring] removing unsused imports from transaction testing files

[WFLY-7205][refactoring] Removing meaningless setup task for JTS

There is no worthy to have the task defined or used as JTS for being set

needs restart of server which is not done either here or even under

basic set of tests.

Setting of JTS and orb is done by XSLT template when jboss as is copied

to target directory.

[WFLY-6364] Adding testcase where UserTransaction commits twice on one ds connection

[WFLY-7205][WFLY-6585] Adding tests for transaction timeout behavior for IIOP and EJB2 bean

[WFLY-7205] Adding tests for transaction timeout behavior

[WFLY-7205] Adding tests for transaction timeout behavior when BMT is used

[WFLY-7205] Adding tests for transaction timeout behavior for MDB

[WFLY-4672] Adding tests for exception being thrown from SFSB

[EAP7-330] Datasource management tests to see attribute enabled allows expressions