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Add jvm.args.other for additional params.

Add jvm.args.other for additional params.

Javadoc scripts cleanup, Branding

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Add scripts to create a list of public API artifacts.

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AS7-582 First almost complete working state.

All deps of public API listed. Some removed due to ORG-1381.

Update check missed tests script to count with report suffixes.

AS7-4070 Adding 'wait for debug port' to arq.xml's.

AS7-3696 Replace hardcoded localhost from 2 IIOP tests.

AS7-3993 Fix AS config for IPv6 (-Dipv6 et al.)

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Align TS clust execution identifiers, deflate pom.xml a bit.

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AS7-3718 Copy cause exception message to DeploymentException: "Could not deploy to container".

Fix indentation in POM

Move to shared module as per pskopek's request in AS7-2102.

Remove combine.children="append" which is a relic of former testsuite structure. Now basic has no submodules.

Don't run check-style in testsuite - it only checks src/java -> NO-OP in TS.

Explicitly inherit endorsement of jboss-annotations-api.

Don't create source jars - no sources in testsuite.

Don't inherit XSLT transformation - submodules copy the adjusted AS anyway.

XSLT imports changed to standalone*.xml to be more robust. Plus some formatting and comments.

Fix licence.xml - javassist groupId to org.javassist

Dump maven props (debugging purposes).

Add checkstyle for Javadoc on each class in TS shared.

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Set testsuite-shared <scope>test</scope>.

Move util and base classes to

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  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
Add testsuite/shared module for globally shared testsuite classes and resources.

Add database timeout ratio property.

Fix web/full separation in smoke and basic testsuite modules.

Added -fae to -DallTests in

Fix mvn install -DallTests -DskipTests