peter skopek <> in WildFly

Backport latest Elytron 1.1.0.Beta38 Integration changes Merge branch 'ladybird' into WFLY-8623

[WFLY-8602] configuration changes because of URI attribute removal from credntial store resource

[WFLY-7948] modified transformer test + parser fixes

[WFLY-7948] PR review fixes

[WFLY-7948] Crefential Store intergration into RA subsystem

[WFLY-7902] wrong parser version for MailExtension

[WFLY-7902] Rework the tests and get rid of additions to released xsd

[WFLY-7902] adding transformers and other review req. changes

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[WFLY-7902] Credential Store integration into mail subsystem

[WFLY-7940] Changes from review

Add elements to the correct schema/parser.

Make sure the credential-reference attribute is also usable in xa


Add transformers and subsystem tests for the new credential-reference


[WFLY-7940] Credential Store integration into datasources subsystem

[WFLY-7911] transformes and reject test changes according to PR review

[WFLY-7911] changes from PR review

[WFLY-7911] Credential Store integration into messaging subsystem

upgrade PicketLink to 2.5.5.Final

[WFLY-5196] Downgrading PicketLink to 2.5.5.x

[BZ1189053] Missing deprecated attribute on both subsystem root resources.

[BZ1189053] Deprecate PicketLink Federation subsystem

[BZ1189053] Deprecate PicketLink IDM subsystem

[BZ1189053] Deprecate PicketLink modules

[BZ1189172] Deprecate PicketBox module

Fixing VaultTool Test Case to create keystore itself and not use binary stored one.

Temporary workaround to let the tests work with older version of PicketBoxSecurityVault.

[BZ1146006] Changing external module setup to use TestModule class.

[BZ1124086] Fix for BasicVaultServerSetupTask

[BZ1124086] Added automatic keystore creation option to VaultTool

[BZ1146006] Adding test case for external password class loading from specified module.

[BZ1146006] Adding JBoss Modules dependency to org.picketbox module. It is needed to implement external class loading from specified module.

[BZ1153614] "remove vault entry" - backport of change

[WFLY-3930] Upgrade PicketLink to 2.7.0.Beta2