rémy maucherat <> in WildFly

First web 8 build.

Refix tests.

Revert fix, but add a comment.

Fix default value for access-log/prefix in subsystem tests.

WFLY-1333: Fix default access log prefix value

More switching to the EL3 module.

Also use EL3 there.

Use the repackaged Jasper without EL.

Use the EL3 RI. Jasper can now drop its EL impl (which will not be used).

JBEE-133: Add a module for the EL3 RI from Sun. Note that Sun's JAR includes the javax.el package, making the separate spec JAR useless (for now).

Web 7.2.0 Final for AS, and move to the Eclipse JDT packaging for the JSP Java compiler.

Web 7.2 Beta 1

Web 7.2 Alpha 5

Web 7.2 Alpha 3

Web 7.2.0 Alpha2

New web 7.2.0 Alpha 1

AS7-4722: Add overlays before calling user code during the webapp init


AS7-1262: New jboss-web.xml schema

    • -0
    • +828
AS7-4722: Add overlays before the webapp init

Web 7.0.16

Web 7.0.15

Web 7.0.14

Web 7.0.13

Web 7.0.12

Web 7.0.11 (for Capedwarf).

From AS7-3733: The container listeners are set too late. Same for the valves.

Web 7.0.10

AS7-3235: Clustering logging update.

AS7-3235: Logging updates (security)

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