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[WFLY-4853] Move the test and test setup into extendedTests

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[WFLY-4853] Un-ignore transaction based version of test..

[WFLY-4853] Add in overrides for methods otherwise TransactionAttribute changes don't get applied.

[WFLY-5640] Update the ejb2 test case RemoteStatelessFailoverTestCase to use correct Remoting port

Fix up EJB3 transformer tests.

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[WFLY-3290] Add in additional transformers for managementAPI 1.3.0.

[WFLY-5255] Adjust subsystem versions for EAP 6.4.0 subsystem test inputs.

[WFLY-5151] Add transformers for MDB delivery-groups in ejb3 subsystem.

[WFLY-4853] Disable transactions for invocations on RemoteStatefulSB

[WFLY-4853] Cover both transaction and non-transaction based scenarios in RemoteEJBTwoClusterTestCase

[WFLY-4697] Re-enable RemoteFailoverTestCase

[WFLY-4697] Reduce Infinispan transaction cache-stop timeout from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

[WFLY-4697] Use suspend/resume to send out moduleUnAvailability/moduleAvailability messages during clean shutdown.

[WFLY-3532] Re-instate RemoteFailoverTestCase

[WFLY-3532] Re-instate RemoteFailoverTestCase

[WFLY-4853] Two clusters test case: a failover test involving two clusters and invocation forwarding.

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[WFLY-3290] Add cluster attribute to EJB3 subsystem remote element to allow specifying EJBClient cluster name.

Use proper names for extended cluster test framework constants.

[WFLY-3532] Ignore clustering test RemoteFailoverTestCase.testConcurrentFailover() until dependent failure-related issues resolved.

[WFLY-4273] Avoid sending (empty) EJBClient cluster topology message when node is non-clustered.

[WFLY-3711] Re-instate sendClusterRemoved message in VersionOneProtocolChannelReceiver to clean up ClusterContext

[WFLY-3438] Eliminate optional dependencies from LocalEjbReceiver

[WFLY-3106] Allow Infinispan cache to set statistics-enabled independently of cache manager.

[WFLY-1271] Fix required parameters for Infinispan remote-store child resource.

[WFLY-2478] Fix Infinispan EAP transformers.Small update.

[WFLY-2505] Update EAP transformer tests for JGroups.

[WFLY-2478] Fix Infinispan EAP transformers.

[WFLY-2478] Update infinispan transformers.

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[WFLY-2505] JGroups subsystem should REJECT relay configuration instead of DISCARD

[WFLY-245] Some small fixes to backupFor operation definitions.