richard opalka <> in WildFly

process security roles from any too

upgrade JBossMD version

process security roles from any too

[AS7-2759] do not execute JAXRPC processors if JAXWS deployment is already detected

[AS7-2876] process <security-domain> from jboss-app.xml too

[AS7-809] Converted the WS subsystem to use i18n loggers and messages

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[AS7-2489] support for service refs with same name in different EJBs

[AS7-2489] providing test case

refactoring jbossws security integration

sync WS remote deployer with latest AS security DMR changes

[JBWS-3376] changing jboss-webservices.xml file format

move from SNAPSHOT to 2.0.0.Beta13

[JBWS-3378] JAXRPC EJB server handlers interceptor integration

refactoring - introducing JAXRPC POJO integration processor

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[JBWS-3375] resuscitating JAXRPC EJB integration

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[JBWS-3376] jboss-webservice.xml parser integration

[AS7-2425] Move to patched saaj-impl

do not silently ignore final declared WS endpoints - print warning instead

refactoring and extending test case

refactoring JAXWS components processing plus renaming classes

refactoring - introduce generic createComponentDescription() method

refactorign - simplifying WS deployment model

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Refactoring - reviewed DeploymentModelBuilders - removed unused imports - bugfixes in JMS integration

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Refactoring * move ASHelper methods to appropriate classes (to ensures abstraction) * rename WS_ENDPOINTS_KEY -> JAXWS_ENDPOINTS_KEY * getJaxwsPojos & getJaxwsEjbs should never return null collection

[JBWS-2436] remove obsolete annotation scanning methods - we're using Jandex on server side since now on

[JBWS-3276] support for POJO JAXWS endpoints not specified in web.xml descriptor

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removing JACCPermissionsDA - not needed anymore on AS7

[JBAS-8363] resuscitate virtual host feature for WS components - includes non BC API changes

[AS7-815] enabling all WS tests

decrease Apache CXF version to 2.4.2 (because of TCK6 regressions)