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Merge pull request #11 from jmesnil/WFLY-5488_managed-connection-pool_enlistment-trace_attributes

[WFLY-5488] Support managed-connection-pool & enlistment-trace attributes

AS7-3121 Enable check of marshalling in DataSourcesTestCase

AS7-3096 wrap-resource should not be required in xa-datasource add operation description

AS7-3084 DataSource metrics uses wrong format

AS7-3007 Incorrect parsing of complex resource-adapters subsystem configuration AS7-3008 Standart JCA datasource parser incorrectly proceeds "enable" operation on XA datasource

AS7-3068 Incorrect behavior of resource-adapters subsystem configuration

in previous fix I've forgotten a case

fixing an exception in TCK on rar deployments

AS7-2421 remove subsystem for jca, datasources, resource-adapters

AS7-3054 moving pool ops to connection-definition

read-resource consider MNR.isReadOnly() and MNR has a setReadOnly(boolean) API

making statistics subresources

changing it to use registerOverrideModel and related APIs

AS7-2482 datasource : query-timeout attribute description

AS7-644 standard jts configuration: adding test cases

applying changes according Jesper's comment

AS7-1994 access to the ModelNodeRegistration during handling of an operation and during deployment: making statistics a subresource

AS7-644 Standard JTS-based configuration

AS7-2925 resource adapters subsystem have to marshal also defaults it set

AS7-2913 Failed to remove long running pool config

AS7-2620 Clear statistics

AS7-2915 Resource adapter pool have to consider transaction support to decide if the pool is xa or not

AS7-1994 access to the ModelNodeRegistration during handling of an operation and during deployment; AS7-1454 Metric for datasources. read-attribute claims success, but returns 'undefined'

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AS7-2865 Make sure the JCA settings are writable

AS7-2835 standard configs set the pool-name to something other than a jndi-name for DS

AS7-2818 taking only the last part of jndiName

AS7-2797 CLI: xa-data-source add is adding non-xa datasource

AS7-2818 if pool-name==null in resource-adapters' xml use jndi-name

AS7-2775 Fail to add a complex (non-XA or XA) datasource to the configuration by DRM API in standalone mode

fixing log message