adriancole in JBossCache

updated to v0.7.0 jets3t
removed jdbm as it is a dead api
added jdbm cachestore
modified to allow for extension
added location of tuning properties
added s3 cache store
added test cases and cleaned code
needed to be Serializable for Bdbje to work
added javadoc and tests for base classes
removed manik todos
cannot use testNG threads until is fixed
disabled by default
updated testConcurrency to use testNG thread pool
added test to ensure stop/start doesn't nuke values
clarified location to store environment overrides
clearing all entries and loading from input is severe, but normal behaviour. degrading log to info
commit/abort without prepare is expected, moving logging to trace
guarding trace logging
changed location to be consistent with FileCacheStore
switched lock duration from micro to nanoseconds
refactored to use AbstractCacheStore
updated javadoc
added removeAll testcase
reverted redundant test case definition
added bdbje loader support
changed to easymockclassextension so that we can mock classes that do not implement interfaces
added test to ensure we can commit from a different thread, and added 2PC tests that do not rely on MVCC