bdueck in JBossCache

(JBCACHE-1304) (OrderedSynchronizationHandler not thread safe) (Made OrderedSynchronizationHandler.instances are thread safe)

Removed unecessary cast.

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Removed unecessary cast

Removed unecessary string cast

Changed children(), getOrCreateChild(), and createChild() methods to avoid unecessary exclusive lock calls.

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Changed tx_map and txs to ConcurrentHashMap from ConcurrentReaderHashMap to allow for greater concurrency when many threads are using the cache.

Optimized how TreeCacheListeners are handled by using CopyOnWriteArray and specializing for eviction listerners. Removed unecessary synchronization on tx_table in getCurrentTransaction().

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Added support for EvictionPolicy.canIgnoreEvent(), optimized finding of Region when there is only the _default region, and added support for TreeCache.setEvictionListener.

Added support for EvictionPolicy.canIgnoreEvent().

Changed TxInterceptor.transactions and .remoteTransactons to ConcurrentHashMap to improve concurrency.

Fixed breakage in Fqn.fromString() caused by removal of stringRepresentation cache.

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Surrounded log.debug() statements with if(log.isDebugEnabled()) checks

Removed cached string representation of Fqn after performance tests confirmed it did not help.

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