bstansberry in JBossCache

[JBCACHE-1131] Genericize CacheJmxWrapper

[JBCACHE-1139] Ensure option survives nested method call

[JBCACHE-1139] Confirm option survives CacheLoaderInterceptor call

[JBCACHE-1139] Confirm that BR works with autoDataGravitation=false and a CacheLoader

[JBCACHE-1048] TreeCache registers channel in JMX if it doesn't get it from ChannelFactory

Exception should have a distinct message if listener class is not publicly accessible.

[JBCACHE-1114] Don't call Transaction.toString() in a Synchronization's toString()

[JBCACHE-1090] Emit JMX Notifications the JBAS JSR-77 layer expects

[JBCACHE-1113] Reduce logging level

Add test for JBCACHE-1111.

Add tests with autoGravitation disabled. Make the tree structure deeper too.

[JBCACHE-1052] Add JMX chapter to the docs

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    • +70

Fix comments and attribute name

[JBCACHE-1092] Move EvictionPolicyConfig to org.jboss.cache.config

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[JBCACHE-1089] PojoCacheJmxWrapper should implement NotificationEmitter

[JBCACHE-1065] TreeCacheView should just inject Cache

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[JBCACHE-809] Document configuration for the microcontainer

[JBCACHE-1052] JMX Docs

Improve ExposeManagementStatistics doc

Add section id; minor cleanups

Add configuration diagram

Expand configuration discussion

Add ids for links

Add an id for links

Rework the discussion of "Replicated Caches With Only One Cache Having A Store"

Discuss injecting TM via RuntimeConfig

Minor fixes.

Correct source of notifications.

Make initialStateRetrievalTimeout @Dynamic

Update configuration discussion