gzamarreno in JBossCache

[JBCACHE-1091] Rest of documention for SSCL.

[JBCACHE-1091] Make SingletonStoreCacheLoaderTest create unit test configuration from UTCCF.

[JBCACHE-1134] singleton store cache loader class configuration added and changed the way SSCL is configured in the XML. Also migrated push state logic to use java.util.concurrent package. Still missing, changing user guide for the updated configuration and an XML example in etc/

[JBCACHE-1103] Finished the backport from head.

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file DummyInMemoryCacheLoader.java was added on branch Branch_JBossCache_1_4_0 on 2007-06-29 13:33:37 +0000

file DummyInMemoryCacheLoaderTest.java was added on branch Branch_JBossCache_1_4_0 on 2007-06-29 13:33:37 +0000

[JBCACHE-1060] Removed implicit increation of adding child node to root if a node does not exist. nodeCreated() now executes in the same running thread to avoid scroll to visible path concurrency issues. nodeCreated() does not access back the cache, so this shouldn't lead to any deadlock issues.

[JBCACHE-1041] use newCachedThreadPool instead of fixed thread pool.

[JBCACHE-1041] GUI updates originating from clicking on nodes in the tree structure and mouse clicks are now handled in a separate thread to avoid locking the GUI. TimeoutExceptions that could be thrown from these code areas provide a hint on what might the cause of the exception.

deleted old jbc demo

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deleted refactored migration test classes

[JBCACHE-1000] JBossCache tutorial demo has been refactored to accomodate PojoCache one so that it uses the same embedded beanshell. PojoCache tutorial has been rewritten to have more similarities with JBossCache one, and has been extended with a section on Collections. Person and Address fields have been made private to promote encapsulation. Person no has a setLanguages(List<String>) to be consistent with get operation. This required fixing the ReplicatedPutWithBulkRemoveTest.

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[JBCACHE-1031] factored dependency on old cache loader implementation out of current jdbc cache loader configuration

[JBCACHE-964] moved migration functional tests to a more appropiate directory, plus layed path migration perf tests as part of the refactoring of old jdbc cache loader classes.

  1. /core/trunk/migration/tests/functional/org
  2. /core/trunk/migration/tests/functional/org/jboss
[JBCACHE-964] documentation: users guide update and added an FAQ entry

[JBCACHE-964] unit tests for transforming cache loaders now run from build.xml and are also executed as part of the cc tests

[JBCACHE-964] cache loader migration example now works in linux as well

[JBCACHE-964] Work committed:

- Transforming Cache Loaders implemented and unit tests provided

- migration folder structure. See JIRA.

- build.xml modified to compile, jar, create manifest for migration jar

and also added examples and migration jar to distros.

- example created and tested; it includes readme.txt with details of the

example and how to run it.

Still TODO:

- Unit tests for transforming cache loaders need to run from build.xml

- Documentation for transforming cache loaders in users guide, what are

they, when to use them,...etc.

- Fix JBCACHE-877 that occurrs when unzipping JBossCache-core-2.0.0.BETA2.zip

and running the examples. Workaround is to bring trove.jar into its lib.

- Get examples/cacheloader-migration/build.sh working

- Move JDBCCacheLoaderOld to the migration side. It's not that straightforward due to classes in

/src having dependencies on it. Needs further study.

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[JBCACHE-927] Fix backported to the 1.4.x branch

Unit test replicating issue explained in SF case 00014268

[JBCACHE-954] FileCacheLoader uses VAM as well. Architecture section in documentation updated to inform that JDBCCacheLoader and FileCacheLoader using VAM too.

[JBCACHE-949] Port JBCACHE-936 to JBossCache 1.4.1.GA

[JBCACHE-802] Added comment on default c3p0 property values.

[JBCACHE-802] c3p0 JDBC connection pooling functionality and corresponding unit tests added. JDBCCacheLoader has been refactored to provide better reporting by not swallowing exceptions and making ConnectionFactory and implementations separate java class files.

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[JBCACHE-802] Better diagnosis for the test exception

[JBCACHE-802] Just overrides for Hypersonic

[JBCACHE-802] SQLExceptions generated in JDBCCacheLoader hides the original Exception which is wrong! Changed so that the original exceptions are thrown back. JDBCCacheLoaderTest improved so that with reasonable little effort, you can run the tests getting DataSource from AS. Added jndi.properties to help here, but commented out for general purpouse. Added table properties for Hypersonic to cache-jdbc.properties. Client AS library missing as I'm temporarily using jbossall-client.jar. This should be sorted soon.

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[JBCACHE-879] Performance test for version aware marshaller has been introduced. Use this as base to compare different types of marshalling methods and possibly add comparison failures.

  1. /core/trunk/tests/perf/org/jboss/cache/marshall
[JBCACHE-879] Functionality for JDBCacheLoader to use version aware marshalling mechanism instead of standard serialization has been introduced. Previous method has been commented out in case there's a need to revert back to it as profiling/performance study has not finished yet.

file MySet.java was added on branch JBossCache_1_4_1_GA_JBCACHE-949 on 2007-01-26 12:03:31 +0000