jerrygauth in JBossCache

JBCACHE-1025, JBossCache mbean registration fails on WebSphere

Removed reference to jrunit.jar, no longer used.

Modified to reflect current path requirements

Removed references to obsolete ClusterProperties attribute.

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JBCACHE-470, modified TreeCache to use Configuration object for multiplexer attributes

JBCACHE-470, added multiplexer attributes to JBC Configuration

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JBCACHE-470, re-enabled multiplexer service

Modified initial view processing for use with multiplexer

Enabled multiplexer in TreeCache

JBCACHE-470, ongoing integration of JBossCache with JGroups multiplexer

JBCACHE-470, ongoing integration of JBossCache with JGroups multiplexer

JBCACHE-470 - disabled use of multiplexer with JBC until outstanding issues are resolved.

Revised recent fix for locating 'jboss' mbean server so that multiplexer mbean can be retrieved when multiple mbean servers are registered

Fixed MBean server location code to handle situations where JBoss isn't the only registered MBean server

JBCACHE-470, modify TreeCache to support JGroups 2.3 channel multiplexer

Fixed jdbm jar location in Eclipse project classpath

Added CacheMgmtInterceptorMBean in jconsole image to documentation

Added jdbm to Eclipse project classpath

JBCACHE-523, Interceptor MBeans are never destroyed

JBCACHE-523, prevent re-registration of cache mbean in standalone environment

JBCACHE-56, added NotificationTest for JBoss Cache event MBean notifications

JBCACHE-56, final implementation of TxInterceptor management statistics

JBCACHE-56, preliminary version of TxInterceptor management statistics test

JBCACHE-56, added ActivationInterceptor and PassivationInterceptor management statistics tests

JBCACHE-56, final implementation of CacheLoaderInterceptor management statistics test

JBCACHE-56, preliminary version of CacheLoader management statistics test

JBCACHE-56, added InvalidationInterceptor managment statistics test

JBCACHE-56, test case for CacheMgmtInterceptor