alesj in JBossCommon

[JBCOMMON-106]; fix File path decoding on Mac OS.
[JBCOMMON-105]; add FastCopyHashSet.
Add svUID.
No need for protected abstract/usage.
javadocs, helper method
[JBCOMMON-104]; concurrent reference set based on CRHMap.
[JBCOMMON-101]; fix Verte::remove(Edge).
Remove @Override on interface method.
[JBLOGGING-30]; add MC based TCL filter.
Make this compile under JDK5.
[JBCOMMON-97]; generify class.
[JBCOMMON-91, JBCOMMON-92]; add source plugin, optimize Logger.
Use List interface.
Update version, not to break Slf4jLF.
Remove redundant return;
Simplify equals.
Code tidy up #2.
Code tidy up.
More info - if toString gives some better results.
Fix NPE due to no properties
[JBXB-213]; refactor SBV a bit more.
Expose include - so you can undo the exclude op.
[JBXB-213]; introduce SBV as interface.

Fix "choice" test depending on JVM order.

Make resolver back to impl detail.
Fix artifact id typo.
Refactor test (also test commit).
Make ctor public.
[JBXB-191]; move JBossXBDeployerHelper

[JBCOMMON-77]; override toString to get some element info
[JBXB-166, JBXB-167]; update libs.

[JBXB-165]; check Collection/Map argument types - TODO on Map tests.

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