estebanschifman in JBossESB

Add support for 'blocking' or 'two-way' file gateway (local and remote)
New EsbAction2 jBPM ActionHandler with better xml configuration
Example of better action handler configuration
Override 'deploy' target for exploded deployments
Don't cache process definition when it comes from file
Don't use toString() for byte[]s in body.setContents()
Handle body.getContent() in esb-jBPM mapping (EsbActionHandler)
Fix bug in FacadeUtil
Handle body.getContent() in esb-jBPM mapping
Fix 'deploy' target in build script
Work on jbpm_simple1
Pump up the time to allow the AS to finish creation of jBPM schema
Work on jbpm_simple1 quickstart
work on jbpm unit tests & quickstarts
Restructure jbpm_simple1 quickstart
jbpm tests
jbpm tests
Rename jbpm related actions, test classes and config files
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
new package names. rearrange classes in packages. standardize xml tags
Rename packages, methods
  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
Unit tests for EsbActionHandler
clean warnings
Reword javadocs
Work on jbpm SingleCommandProcessor
More work on jbpm classes