julien in JBossPortal

updated the implementation of destroyClone to now destroy a list of ids and return the list of non destroyed ids. updated the InstanceContainer accordingly

updated implementation of PortletInvoker.setProperties(...) to use a list of property changes instead of a PropertyMap in order to match WSRP semantics

added getProperties(String portletId, Set keys) on PortletInvoker to match WSRP semantics

- refactored the ValueMap to PropertyMap and moved it in org.jboss.portal.portlet.state package

- introduced TypedMap that is super type of ParameterMap and is reused for the PropertyMap

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make the stateful portlet container retrieve properties value in the wrapped invoker via metadata rather than the getProperties() operation

make the PropertyChange instances created via factory methods

remove usage of contextPath information coming from the PortalWebApp and instead use information provided by the servlet container at runtime

empty and unused class removal

remove unused fields in hte portlet deployment

remove unused code

move command framework for forums into the forums module

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backport of JBPORTAL-984 to 2.4.1 : Provice access to HTTP headers in request dispatch to a servlet from a portlet.


package name fixes

fix wrong package name

fix for JBPORTAL-984 : Provice access to HTTP headers in request dispatch to a servlet from a portlet

correct class name of HASingletonInvoker

version number 2.4 GA

moved portal api to org.jboss.portal.api

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disable blob caching for 2.4 final

fixed compile issue

include generated sources in wsrp for javadoc globally generated

update global javadoc generation

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JBPORTAL-979 : ActionResponse.sendRedirect(String location) should work with HTTPS

when the user is authenticated, the link provided for portal nodes or cms content should continue to use the authenticated servlet mapping

create correct initial portal state from the management portlet

fixed bug in role portlet where the form does not carry out the parameters received in the action to the render parameters

improved javadoc for management operations that can throw UnsupportedOperationException if the invoker cannot perform management operation

- make an instance creation faillure not prevent the creational of other instances

- removed theme portlet as it changes the theme globally and is rather confusing as we have the new feature of having per user theme configuration in the profile

fix wrong login of window security metadata