denis golovin <> in JBossToolsGwt

Parent pom updated to avoid tycho version conflicts in full builds

[JBIDE-11319] - Use Eclipse-SourceReferences

Add tycho.scmUrl property into root pom.xml

update parent/pom.xml version ti to 4.1.1.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-13795] Incorrect URL for JBoss Jira on readmes

[JBIDE-13795] Incorrect URL for JBoss Jira on readmes

[JBIDE-15280] Update parent/pom.xml version to 4.2.0.Alpha1

update parent pom version and added JBoss Public Group repo which according to has everything we need to

build module out of the box without modification of ~/.m2/settings.xml

Build seems to be running with brand new local repo configured with


Bump parent pom version in root pom to 4.1.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

update parent pom version to 4.1.0.Alpha2

JBIDE-13410 bump parent pom version to 4.0.1.Final