nickboldt <> in JBossToolsHibernate

JBIDE-20194 fix license feature use (need to include %licenseURL in feature.xml and licenseURL=license.html in; also fix %featureName and %providerName in test feature; remove obsolete updateSiteName variables

JBIDE-19836 use JUnit 4.12.0 instead of 3.8.2

use parent pom 4.2.3.Final-SNAPSHOT (JBIDE-19483)

bump root pom to use parent pom 4.3.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT

add new plugins into feature.xml files so they'll be available on the update site

bump parent pom ref to 4.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

switch master to use parent pom 4.0.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT

Signed-off-by: Max Rydahl Andersen <>