vojtěch průša <> in JBossToolsIntegrationTests

Updated tests, refactored, added ignores to known issues, updated to photon, updated matchers (#1926)

Fixed cat and learn button tests

Signed-off-by: Vojtěch Průša <>

Fixes - matchers, refactored, updated versions (#1923)

Fix missing web.xml in ear project

Fixed wrong archetype selection

Updated ear target files names - using groupId-artifactId-<version>.<jar|war|rar> now

Signed-off-by: Vojtěch Průša <>

Fixes - ignore known and documented warnings and errors, matchers; refactoring, version updates, updated project name prefixes (#1922)

Signed-off-by: Vojtěch Průša <>

Removed jaxws-repo repository (#1912)

Updated to wf11 (#1908)

Fixed server version

Signed-off-by: vprusa <>

Updated to eap71 (#1907)

Moved checkstyle plugin req to global build

Ignore more documented errors

Added Devstudio Launchers

Signed-off-by: vprusa <>

Updated WF quickstarts version (#1903)

Updated server requirement to WF11

Ignore documented errors

Ignore useless tests

Signed-off-by: vprusa <>

JBDS-5064: Added validation of configuration details links (#1888)

Added test to suite, renamed ConfigPropertiesWrapper to ConfigPropertiesHelper and moved as nested class, changed regexes that were failing for 11.1.0.AM3

Added DefaultShells for waiting and to close shells after test ends

Increased javase version to 1.8

Signed-off-by: vprusa <>

Fixed About dialog and regexes for MacOS