rastislav wagner <> in JBossToolsVpe

JBIDE-23211: JS Alert popups are not disabled on Windows

JBIDE-23663: navigation buttons are not updated correctly when working with multipage

JBIDE-23058: Fix RefreshOptions and PreviewReload tests

JBIDE-23041: PropertyChangedEvent may contain String value

JBIDE-22752: Enable GTK3 only for vpv tests

JBIDE-22740: Fix updating show selection tag bar & add tests for vpv preferences

JBIDE-22692: Add missing copyright headers

JBIDE-22669 use setRealBarVisible when changing selection bar visibility

JBIDE-22681 Add tests for Vpv toolbar

JBIDE-22637 RefreshOptionsTest tests refreshing browser on save and auto refreshing