michael musgrove <> in Narayana

JBTM-3024 Add microprofile-lra build instructions

JBTM-2977 Handle network failures when ending participants Including a test for tardy compensators

JBTM-2978 Make sure Abort creates heuristic

JBTM-2958 Invalid join LRA requests shoudl return 412 Precondition Failed

JBTM-3018 Simplify LRA proxy interface (and clean up LRA constants)

Signed-off-by: Michael Musgrove <>

JBTM-3022 Still build deprecated APIs

JBTM-3018 change bash function name for mac

Implement LRAManagement::unregisterDeserializer

JBTM-3018 Update LRA proxy interface

JBTM-3018 migration to microprofile

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Use LRAClient interface

JBTM-2999 Change git url for the wildfly references in the build

JBTM-2999 Change git url for jboss-as part of the build