ondra chaloupka <> in Narayana

[JBTM-3154] ./ path for -f maven test does not work in 3.6.1

[JBTM-3153] race condition at SimpleIsolatedServers

[JBTM-3138] XTS bridge 1PC consistency failure

When TxBridge is used to inbound the transaction and call the WS

which do some transactional work and the WS is the only one

resource then onePhase is used. But onePhase causes data is not saved

to object store and recovery after JVM crash goes to rollback.

This is a follow-up to JBTM-3079 where active xids were considered

to not be processed by recovery manager

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[JBTM-3147] timed-out prepare on WS-AT participant should finish with calling abort, not heuristics

[JBTM-3148] returning correct error code on one phase commit failure

[JBTM-3139] clarification that xtstest is only support module with no tests

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[JBTM-3134] adding exception message to StoreManager.init when class initialization fails

SCRIPTS ONLY: unary operator expected error fix

RELEASE SCRIPTS ONLY: adding few more information to the error messages

RELEASE SCRIPTS ONLY: narayana-full is under community profile and dockerfiles can be without update

Updated to 5.9.5.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.4.Final

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[JBTM-3125] test formatting fixes for lra&rts&jts

[JBTM-3124] using xaresource parent logger not infinite callback loop to itself

[WFLY-11849] txbridge import transaction to use default timeout or defined from message

The integration with WFLY with change of the WFTC-54 causes

that timeout set to 0 means the timeout elapsed and participant

is not permitted to be enlisted to transaction.

Let's use default timeout instead.

[JBTM-3120] using jboss-dockerfiles/narayana repository for dockerfiles when releasing

[JBTM-3119] adding few sentences about tests in Narayana to

[JBTM-3104] adding LRA tests profile for LRA not being tested by default with MAIN profile

[JBTM-3109][lra#94] renaming LRA status complete/compensate to close/cancel

Based on the changes in LRA TCK the LRA status methods were renamed to

close and cancel.

[SCRIPT ONLY] after fixing JBTM-3067 there is no need to rebase jdk11 against a special branch

[JBTM-3111][WFLY-11706] unificatino of the XARecoveryModule locks

to avoid potential deadlock scenario

[JBTM-3107] removing and escaping single quote characters from log message format

[JBTM-3109] LRA test refactoring to run arquillian TCK

adjusting lra client to follow the tck and spec changes

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[JBTM-3113] LRA coordinator does not need whole microprofile stack as it uses only cdi and jaxrs

[.gitignore] audit.log to .gitignore

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: correct place for jboss-dockerfiles repo for lra-coordinator could be pushed to dockerhub

plus remove to have changes in Dockerfile(s). It tends to be dangerous

to do changes in the Dockerfile setup, especially changing to some

-SNAPSHOT version.

Updated to 5.9.3.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.2.Final

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[RELEASE] artifact org.jboss.narayana.jta:cdi should be part of the release