gleb galkin <> in RichFaces5

RF-10832: "Data Table Edit" is fixed

RF-10819: bean should be SessionScoped

RF-10819: clone() method is overridden

RF-10753: wrong application name is fixed

RF-10810: w3c validation errors are fixed for RichFaces Showcase

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RF-10768: bug with IE freezed is fixed

RF-10760: encode duplicate ids are fixed. Verified by Konstantin Mishin.

RF-10571: styleClass for <rich:column> is fixed. Verified by Alex Kolonitsky.

RF-10747: columnGroup for header and footer facets is fixed. Verified by Konstantin Mishin.

RF-10231: fixed JS exception with removing DOM element. Verified by Alex Kolonitsky.

RF-10737: rowKeyConverter is fixed for iteration components, a4j:repeat. CollapsibleSubTable cannot be fixed right now, so new issue is created. Verified by Nick Belaevskiю

RF-10221: RichFaces.ui.PopupPanel.showPopupPanel and RichFaces.ui.PopupPanel.hidePopupPanel are fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.

RF-10688: padding for drop down menu disabled label is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.

RF-10640: shadow of popupPanel is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.

RF-10703: @styleClass of calendar is fixed. Reviewed by Pavel Yaschenko.

RF-10667: rich:select: missing attributes style, styleClass and title are fixed. Reviewed by Alex Kolonitsky.

RF-10689: @defaultValue is fixed for null value. Reviewed by Anton Belevich.

RF-10539: invisible text for disabled inputtextes is fixed for wine theme

RF-10515: toggle control width is fixed

RF-10577: a4jPoll markup is fixed

RF-10504: @shadowDepth and @shadowOpacity are fixed

RF-10566: @switchType is fixed for rich:accordionItem, rich:togglePanelItem, and rich:tab

RF-10357: function handler is fixed

RF-10448: @action and @actionListener are fixed for Tab

RF-10302: @width is fixed for Panel Menu

RF-10494: Input Number Slider is fixed for IE 7

RF-10122: drop down menu example is fixed

RF-9643: shadow of calendar time picker is fixed

RF-10273: shadow of Popup Panel is fixed. TabPanel width is fixed.

RF-10475: NPE is fixed