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RF-10667: rich:select: missing attributes style, styleClass and title are fixed. Reviewed by Alex Kolonitsky.

RF-10689: sample is fixed. Reviewed by Anton Belevich.

RF-10689: @defaultValue is fixed for null value. Reviewed by Anton Belevich.

RF-10614: @converter attribute is fixed, @itemConverter is removed

RF-9958: @for, @binding, and @type were added for itemChangeListener, panelToggleListener, treeToggleListener, treeSelectionChangeListener components.

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    • +7
RF-10297: Classes attributes for Tab, TabPanel, Accordion, and AccordionItem were fixed. Class itemRightInactiveIcon is also fixed.

RF-10313: @bubbleSelection and @expandSingle are removed from PanelMenuGroup. These options are passed from PanelMenu.

RF-10297: classes and icons are renamed

RF-10213: Calendar direction and jointPoint attributes are fixed. Checkstyle test is fixed for AbstractParameter.

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RF-10210: Character entity reference &nbsp; is replaced with numeric "\u00a0" since it brakes XHTML