lincoln baxter, iii <> in SeamPersistence

Merge pull request #14 from hernandazevedo/patch-1


Removed EjbSynchronizations and set TransactionManagerSynchronizations to be @DefaultBean

Removed leaky Instance<> from EjbSynchronizations

Removed unused BeanManager injection from SynchronizationRegistry

Synchronizations are working, but not sure they are being cleaned up properly yet.

First attempt at EjbSynchronizations w/@Dependent Delegate

Stuart needs to look at this, but it's working (Fix for NoSuchElementException causing EJB to be removed from session)

Fix formatting

EjbSynchronizations is now a thread-safe @ApplicationScoped instead of @RequestScoped

EjbSynchronizations need to use JBoss logging instead of SLF4j

Restored EjbSynchronizations for compatability with AS7 - You must now configure TransactionManagerSynchronizations if desired - tests not passing yet

removed generated files

weldx needs to have deps excluded for 1.0.0.Beta1