akarpe <> in SwitchYard

[SWITCHYARD-1556] - in-out remote invocations in cluster reuse same message instance

[SWITCHYARD-1489] - Add support for multi-step transformations in Switchyard

[SWITCHYARD-1510] - Bean implementations do not support @Reference contracts with no args

[SWITCHYARD-1509] - Check for null reference in SCAInvoker

[SWITCHYARD-1471] - Add soap action to web service in camel-soap-proxy

[SWITCHYARD-1466] - Publish an ExchangeInitiatedEvent when sending a request message on an exchange

[SWITCHYARD-1469] - Add a self-referential check in LocalInvoker for

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[SWITCHYARD-1408] - Remove HornetQ gateway

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[SWITCHYARD-1478] - Add message trace header to exception traces in Camel Bus

[SWITCHYARD-1423] Jython - align version - Revised down from 2.5.3 to 2.5.2.

[SWITCHYARD-1463] - Support loading included XSLs from a relative path