aditya manglam sharma <> in Teiid

TEIID-4594 Parquet Translator (#1310)

* initial implementation of parquet execution

* adding test for verifying the execution implementation

* TEIID-4594 adding a check for the page row count

(cherry picked from commit 00731926edaaf01ec590268237cd1b0df91db6d3)

* adding some logic for handling binary primitive type

* adding support for non nested list types and managing int96 and including test for list

* adding filteredSchema mechanism, implementation for direct repeated types and returning ArrayImpl from getList and getRepeatedList

* removing the metadata extension property for column_number, adding null check, adding the fix_len_byte_array primitive type

* adding the initial implementation for directory based partitioning and for getting reviewed

* refining the directory based partitioning scheme

* adding more refinements to make the visitor more generic for future

* adding test for projected columns, adding case for when the nextRowGroup is not null and some initial logic for rowGroupFilter

* Implementation for rowGroupFilter

* Adding test case for partitioning and rowfilter together, adding capabilities

* refinement except tests and rebasing to master

* TEIID-6019 creating common file logic for testing

* TEIID-6019 creating common file logic for testing

* adding initial implementation for selecting partitioned columns

* adding tests and refining with a failing test for help

* fixing the logic for row filtering handling the null rows, adding tests and refining the getDirectory method

* refining, adding multimap for multiple predicates on same column and adding test for the same

Co-authored-by: shawkins <>

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uncommenting the commented tests

adding the code for a skipped corner case where there can be directories between strings we are searching for, and where the last string might have some more literals in the end

add support for multiple asterisk glob search

Fix cassandra structure and extracted common code for cassandra connection and config (#1280)

* extracted common code out of cassandra connection implementationa and cassandra managed factory

* implemented common extracted code from cassandra-api in cassandra RA in wildfly

* bringing all the methods to BaseCassandraConnection and fixing the poms

* fixing cassandra-api pom

* removing jboss-connector-api_1.7_spec dependency

* removed unnecessary teiid core dependency

* moved cassandra-api files to translator-cassandra

* fixing close method in CassandraConnectionImpl and BaseCassandraConnection