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Change to use new SPI

AS7-5966 Add support for creating CDI beans from modules outside the deployment

AS7-4990 Make sure the naming context is setup correctly when bootstrapping weld

AS7-5939 Intermittent Failures in WeldJndiLookupTestCase

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Work around AS7-5489 for bean manager lookups

Use ServiceReferenceObjectFactory to bind the bean manager reference wihout an explicit bean manager dependency

Make sure all JNDI bindings are up before starting weld

AS7-5361 Fix race condition

AS7-5304 NPE deploying war with WEB-INF/beans.xml but no WEB-INF/classes

AS7-5243 Fix infinite loop

Minor change to beans.xml warning

Move CurrentServiceContainer calls to privilidged action blocks

Add proper SFSB removal checking for Weld

Reduce the amount of stuff that is serialized when replicating CDI interceptors

AS7-4633 Make the SFSB cache use a reference counting mechanism

Add subsystem names to DUP registration

Add property replacement support to beans.xml

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Weld 1.1.7.Final

Don't use a synchronized map

AS7-4280 EJB request scope is not destoryed correctly

AS7-4119 CDI request scope not active for same VM remote interface invocations

Next is 7.1.2.Final

Next is 7.1.1.Final

Replicate the ManagedReference rather than the instance, so CDI beans can be destroyed properly

Change EJB interceptor factories to share instances as much as possible

Allow weld to inject into non-public component constructors

AS7-3246 Convert weld subsystem to i18n messages

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Change @PrePassivate/@PostActivate handling so they are proper interceptor chains.

Add support for clustered CDI interceptors

Allow for enviroment entries to be changed via jboss-app.xml, and merge the jboss-app.xml information into the EarMetaData.

This also fixes some issues with defining resource references in application.xml.