aslak knutsen <> in WeldCore

Add arquillian.launch property to surefire configuration to specify which contianer@qualifier to read configuration from in arquillian.xml. Needed to separate between the different configurations(no longer bound to package namesspaces etc).

Add correct XML Schema definition. Only one container is allowed to be default.

Clean up Arquillian related artifact version imports and versions. Containers are on a different release cycle even tho they might have the same version number.

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Fix changes in ShrinkWrap WebArchive API

Update to Arquillian 1.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

Update CategoryArchive Appender to new SPI. Needed to package the Category JUnit annotations

Downgrade to Surefire 2.8

Fix Arquillian.xml Definition, change to use arquillian-junit-container

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WELD-493 Convert tests from old JBoss Test Harness, new supported features in Arquillian Alpha5

* beanDeployment circular

* interceptor simple

* interceptor ejb3 simple

* xml broken clazz|parsing|stereotype

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WELD-762 Test Case showing ThreadLocal leak in Weld Core after call to container.stopContainer(). This is not the same ThreadLocal leak as reported in Issue, could not reproduce.

WELD-689 Add Performance Maven profiles


Running Weld EE Embedded container and the NormalPerformanceSuite


Running JBoss AS Managed container and the IntegrationPerformanceSuite

WELD-689 Add Performance Category

Change contain

new category: Performance

new Suites: NormalPerformanceSuite and IntegrationPerformanceSuite

Change Categories runner to support multiple Include/Exclude Categories pr Suite. Needed to support e.

@IncludeCategory({Integration.class, Performance.class})


public class IntegrationPerformanceSuite

Contain locally changed/patched JUnit Categories runner.

Pushed upstream, see

WELD-685 Added GlassFish profiles to Weld Core Test Suite

Added two new profiles glassfish-embedded and glassfish-remote

mvn test -P glassfish-embedded -Dglassfish.version=xxx

mvn test -P glassfish-remote -Dglassfish.version=xxx

Default both profiles execute the whole IntegrationSuite but -Dtest=some.class can be given as argument to limit the scope.

Removed weld-core-tests-arquillian dependency on jboss-metadata. Replaced by javax.jms and org.jboss.ejb3.ext-api

WELD-633 Added comment to private method

WELD-633 Set Precedence to 101 so this Provider can be loaded first. Having the default provided JNDI based providers load first result in a NoClassDefFoundError in Google App Engine. InitialContext is not allowed in this environment

WELD-633 Added Weld-Extension BeanManagerProvider SPI impl for Weld-Servlet

WELD-633 Added Optional dependency to Weld-Extensions

Added Arquillian Weld container as a subproject

git-subtree-dir: arquillian/weld-ee-container

git-subtree-mainline: f5d4c64217fc06edc63062abcce6dfbd51b17b87

git-subtree-split: ee88173d51bb0b4f571b52a9fe0910d8250b77f9

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WELD-493 Extension loading only works within JavaArchives due to how ClassLoading is done in WeldEEMockContainer. For now workaround it by removing the Ear packaging.

WELD-493 Converted ejb and interceptor tests to Arquillian

WELD-493 Converted ejb and interceptor tests to Arquillian

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WELD-493 Moved reflection unit tests to core. 2 test WeldClassTest added to @Ignore, can not be tested in isolation, need initialization of Container

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WELD-493 Moved pure Unit test to impl

WELD-493 Added surefire test filter

WELD-493 Moved pure Unit test to impl

WELD-580 Added test cases for AroundInvoke interceptor contract

WELD-579 Test case to expose error, marked as Broken

WELD-493 Restored Extensions SPI file for AnnotatedTypeExtensionTest

WELD-493 Renamed AbstractHTMLUnitTest, not a Test