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domain tests for AS7-5138 Add ability to undeploy wildcarded deployment names

was: b056588c2395831fcfa22151e6a81000363669fa

AS7-5168 IllegalArgumentException when using tab-completion with a wildcard in the path

was: 0e7da66fa89a64cc2f17c641be188be97f707c29

AS7-5414 cli help --commands doesn't list commands

was: 4142842301fafba41ca084b74a0b0e3774fabed0

AS7-5138 Add ability to undeploy wildcarded deployment names

was: ec20f7c3ed25ea4351860be599c98f252d5240fc

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AS7-5375 CLI: unify the format of -l output between the deploy and undeploy commands

was: 367c5b2c72465c8bc154ba92ca02f4d282ffe8b1

cli: when node name is complete and suggesting the next separator, return the buffer length as the index instead of the node name start index

was: 3ec6d90e534c5b3913704c7942cc6cbc031858ce

cli deployment-overlay command prototype work

was: 9fc397c079cb3b72dfbdd463be77c7c3f36401ab

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AS7-5363 NPE on tab completion

was: 0957701e56f781730f113319239348ba13be8bd2

cli deployment-overlay command prototype

was: ee1dbd89a8296884d8ee0144befc52f83be8eb4b

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AS7-5363 NPE on tab completion

was: a40a53640b889c9001f2676871b8a6623706eade

cli deployment-overlay management prototype

was: 2577ecc2bc4e259d26cae6f9de84e053e666bd6d

cli deployment-overlay command prototyping

was: 76880a33c3f65a26444539ede0fb9105e114f746

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AS7-2664, AS7-2243 cli tab-completion: suggest ':' and '/', where they could appear

was: e575a8e9b9eece7c0c2520708a9a7209ba13f995

AS7-5299 cli logging (disabled by default)

was: 2c28969a374a4f43da5cdd3afed882eb4328ba1e

cli: don't validate edit-batch-line command: it can contain any number of arguments depedning on the command edited

was: 80eaa7b4444ad7da1ac4383e10b2b4a2d23ac383

AS7-5194 cli: make run-batch execute batches form files

was: f451552ea363ed07358470669774becc9540b259

AS7-5186 cli: file argument for batch command

was: 6d95668723f68c7780ab3ce24488d3d6a4219f5c

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    • +13
cli: added description of --headers argument to the run-batch command

was: 151d5b39d7fa31a4183e25adbd397057cf55e8c0

cli if-else: if the path doesn't exist evaluate the comparison to false

was: 0803a703b8547715bc64a4f0938f0d52e3d0a881

cli: don't treat system properties and jvm options as cli arguments

was: 8bfdc83d844e206692b85d0c4addf58f5b165344

cli: fixed batch tests

was: 82162d35cbd7988fa4907c83f4fdd4ff8c8b0b51

AS7-5090 CLI --version does not show version

was: f6fb72a9914702c6cc5077f747f5dfbde8ec810f


was: 9988c3e0d53a911a5b1e124cbb72b1323ce956b2

AS7-5096 cli: add headers to batches

was: 0b17f4155081da2cba1c1c9a63faa8313f3caf44

AS7-5078 cli if-else control flow: and/or/parentheses testcase for if conditions

was: 761d331523145f374c84906fe0faaa1a07d80360

AS7-5078 cli if-else: re-instate removed by accident class

was: 02132658d33d0f36a4ffa46983d1591ad9ecd88c

removed out of date class

was: 6fb41b70228e15d5a3d0bcf01104fc9449f289b4

AS7-5078 cli if-else: if condition expression evaluation

was: 36d4c3da6cee1fd09f05f6d673f7b57f92fc67b4

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AS7-5078 cli if statements parsing: a bit of refactoring, extracted tests to a separate file

was: 7a698c02c2afeb6fe4f0082d1434dad60751a833

AS7-5078 parsing of comparisons and parentheses for if-else control flow (cli)

was: f9c1f222e2195134fddfdd4f678232c4bb37ec1c