bob mcwhirter <> in WildFlyCore

Remove WildFly Swarm's self-contained bits.

Because WildFly Swarm has a different release candence

than WildFly Core, by moving all of this code out of

WildFly Core, we gain more control of our own destiny.

Fix assignability checks in legacy security-realm plugin-in handler.

Due to the fact there's a ton of classes named PasswordCredential,

it appears that this assignability check simply checked the wrong

one, resulting in PlugIn credentials being never considered valid

during the getCredentials() code path, all resulting in an early


Add parameter (with another method signature matching original) to pass additional ServiceActivators to the SelfContainedContainer.

Set the TCCL during ServiceActivatorProcessor.

Set the TCCL during ServiceActivatorProcessor.

* Remove the setting the TCCL because it confuses ShrinkWrap if SW is initialized after the container is started.

* Adjust how content is provided in order to support multiple deployments. * Use start() instead of bootstrap() so that quiesence is achieved. * Rename (simplify) some items. * Throw exceptions instead of abort()'ing, printing and exiting.

Support a SELF_CONTAINED mode of operation: - Add a SELF_CONTAINED ProcessType and LaunchType - Configure ServerEnvironment differently if LaunchType.SELF_CONTAINED is used - Adjust all path-related operations (properties, ServerPathManagerService) to accomodate possibly null paths if LaunchType is SELF_CONTAINED - Add a self-contained module - ConfigurationPersister - ContentRepository - Add a SelfContainedContainer to be used by wildfly-boot to launch a self-contained Wildfly from within an existing and external main().

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Start the thread in a new thread, instead of simply running its run().

Without this change, issuing :shutdown to a standalone process does

not completely shutdown, with threads a-lingerin':

was: e3290267b88af9f0859cbc46c681e9ce953de9e8

Add DAV repository support to build-config/pom.xml

was: 42325965de166b94cd73dc2fa3e0fa394f8a3ff2