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AS7-5409 Tighten system property handling by the ProcessController

was: ad3ea6b16d331ba716609cf333631865689b55df

AS7-5392 Convert server-config resource to ResourceDefinition

was: 5b754b5d99ee6cc2b25db4c0c24f9c2dece24058

AS7-5284 Add placeholder resources for the datasource statistics

was: c4c481130d52244647175ae49a97cb08d2b596df

AS7-5276 Check for null content repo

was: e656be8446c689edcc9e668dbc0608a8a557c9ef

[AS7-5268] Defer informing HC that server is started until it actually is

was: e463c4d2fbf34aa141f0afa0c0de9686abd528d8

AS7-5239 Clear the thread local

was: ccd9c7bd7acf6167e7a98b99e13ecf8516dafdd6

If necessary, install default jsf subsystem at end of profile xml parsing

was: 2d30c715c9374bb8a3ee73244cfc4fb7903425d1

AS7-4258 Bump the management API version as this JIRA is an API change vs 7.1 branch

was: 3795fad3f462c76874989aed98d469d2ecffe5bf

AS7-5006 Use AttributeDefinition.resolveModelAttribute when configuring management security services

was: 2553809f93998c47903d76a9a583f51cf65ccf86

AS7-5001 Add micro versions to the management API

was: 03006ae3054e008f32e6c23e5bab662855534553

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AS7-4947 Allow write-local-domain-controller and write-remote-domain-controller to work after boot

was: 219137c27ae5b3ba50955ee75eb5c31685b6397d

AS7-4934 Provide a server-wide shared thread pool for possibly blocking tasks; particularly lifecycle. Use said pool in most places that are currently creating their own one-off pools.

was: 28b4a21f20697fd2b2f410ccb877247678c5d9a8

AS7-4885 Ensure parallel boot latch is properly counted down when subsystem boot failures occur

was: 2d424dd51bbe7e931c8e7b86b99e73cc28b2f596

AS7-4841 Use remoting/xnio with heartbeat working.

was: b9f199e1e49505d0ca1c5bca1ce67a45ae0039e2

AS7-4841 Set up periodic pings between master and slave HCs; properly handle disconnections detected by them

split up applying extensions from the rest of the model

fix ping/pong mgmt headers

don't sync deployment files if they exist

Don't bother unregistering if the channel is already closed

AS7-4841 Use separate thread pool for slave initiated management requests

Promptly fail the slave registration process if the host cannot support it

was: 43a5a7db29b0efed39b06165acf23e4ca83bc32c

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AS7-4778 Properly resolve strings to DirectoryGrouping enums. Add test of directory-grouping='by-type'

was: be1353935810dd2920f5d03cd96f75bb666a317f

AS7-4758 Pass locale to recursive description read ops

was: 037bc34fa6d2fd63956d9bbc32d0f43fc37ad0d1

AS7-4739 Handle '-' as separator; don't fail on invalid locale formats

was: b2117ec4ab2795a209ed64a8e6eab75db5fd8d5f

AS7-4733 Do fix correctly, plus explain (a bit) when the missing dependency is an unknown transitive one

was: 262a22da308706cedcfc1c5ac2944658a40d4bc0

AS7-4739 Deal with zh_Hans coming from the console

was: 1a9221350c8b30ded58d444e1a6aa07c0686e060

AS7-4739 Fix Locale parsing

was: 60cba145a7385efce28c71f20b318b5aeac3a0ca

Revert "Revert "Make realms active instead of on-demand for now (AS7-2731)""

This reverts commit 5d3611a5460a9440e8b376c4449974fc7ebefc72.

was: 622d086707c076425f1d2d228b28ffb0a18697c3

Revert "Make realms active instead of on-demand for now (AS7-2731)"

This reverts commit ffdef62ce9670d6e4d88869efb4203fd9f331ee8.

was: 5d3611a5460a9440e8b376c4449974fc7ebefc72

AS7-4733 Report missing services even if unavailable dependencies aren't provided

was: 10de65debf9dad9c718f8e8380e294f2ca51388a

AS7-4603 Don't cache ContainerStateChangeReport used for service removal validation; always log latest when tick() hits zero

was: a009463824a76b8f77134484ccec7d21e7ed7b71

Include exception cause details in SVH failure descriptions

was: b21d7502ec26bdfb16835072e36a7e4a0b0c32c8

AS7-4614 Convert strings coming in via mgmt ops; add parsing/marshalling test

was: f861e1afc09a07511228a362a08498489ea25dc2

AS7-3575 Validate single socket-binding-group in a separate step

was: 3cb44805ac47ebad3f11dd42de7f50a3f4f16977

AS7-4458 Include subsystem version info in ExtensionAdd response; use it on DC to update TransformationTarget

was: 86ba8a18135d1f0d678acbebc5bb190701c7a683

AS7-4455 Revert the subsystem tranformer stuff until actually used

was: d34eafe09a79ea4e4151c8401e19b17f0110ea5d

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