darran lofthouse <> in WildFlyCore

[WFCORE-4820] Get the CallbackHandlerService before checking it's type.

[WFCORE-4802] Upgrade httpcomponents httpclient to 4.5.11 and httpcore to 4.4.13.

Merge pull request #4053 from fjuma/WFCORE-4697

[WFCORE-4697] / [WFCORE-4796] WildFly Elytron Component Upgrades

Merge pull request #4052 from fjuma/WFCORE-4793

[WFCORE-4793] / [WFCORE-4794] WildFly Elytron Component Upgrades

Merge pull request #4044 from darranl/WFCORE-4777

[WFCORE-4777] Upgrade JBoss Remoting to 5.0.17.Final

[WFCORE-4782] Manually iterate headers to check all expected values are present.

Merge pull request #4045 from fjuma/WFCORE-4783

[WFCORE-4783] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.11.0.CR4

Merge pull request #4037 from fjuma/WFCORE-4773

[WFCORE-4773] Upgrade WildFly OpenSSL to 1.0.9.Final

[WFCORE-4766] Report error if triggering rollback due to missing services.

[WFCORE-1110] Adjust regular expression to match to the end of the input instead of to the end of the line.

[WFCORE-1110] Add "Transfer-Encoding" to the disallowed header names.

[WFCORE-1110] Move HTTP Header manipulation until the point immediately preceeding sending the response.

Merge pull request #4016 from yersan/WFCORE-4753

[WFCORE-4753] Upgrade JBoss Modules from 1.9.1.Final to 1.9.2.Final

Merge pull request #4014 from fjuma/WFCORE-4752

[WFCORE-4751] / [WFCORE-4752] WildFly Elytron Component Upgrades

Merge pull request #4008 from ropalka/WFCORE-4295

[WFCORE-4295] Upgrading JBoss VFS to 3.2.15.Final

Merge pull request #4004 from yersan/tasks/WFCORE-4744

[WFCORE-4744] Add Phase priorities used by Undertow DUPs

Merge pull request #4001 from bstansberry/WFCORE-4738

[WFCORE-4738] Upgrade Galleon from 4.0.4.Final to 4.1.1.Final

[WFCORE-1110] Disallow 'Connection' and 'Date' from being set within 'constant-headers'.

[WFCORE-1110] Validate that the header names specified are valid header names.

Update test to test invalid header names are rejected.

[WFCORE-1110] Ensure the headers list is not accepted if it is empty.

[WFCORE-1110] Minor updates following review.

[WFCORE-1110] Use the /management and /error contexts to test custom HTTP headers are applied.

[WFCORE-1110] Add configuration to activate the custom headers.

[WFCORE-1110] A new HttpHandler that can add a set of headers based on matching the canonicalised request path.

[WFCORE-4749] As version 11 of the configuration model is being updated between releases add a test case to detect changes.

[WFCORE-4749] Add version 11 of the management schema.

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[WFCORE-4743] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.10.4.Final

[WFCORE-4700] Add support for activating a virtual SecurityDomain for deployments.

[WFCORE-4700] Add deployment phases for detection of and activation of MicroProfile JWT.

[WFCORE-4726] Add exclusion for 'javax.inject:javax.inject'.